Porting pkg on prod environment

Feb 26, 2010 at 3:56 PM

I have implemented a SSIS pkg to read a SP list and write in a Sql table, by SharePoint List Source.

I have noticed that when I change the url address from test Web site to prod Web site, the source task in in warning

and I need to open the task to ri-execute the data mapping (external and output columns) and possibly the next tasks.

I avoid to execute this manual operation in the production environment. I have tried to execute a find and replace

operation opening the dtsx as a text file in notepad substituting the url of the test Web site, but remains to execute

the double-click on the source task to render aware SSIS.

Does exist a manner to avoid this problem or to solve it authomatically?


Mar 3, 2010 at 6:02 PM

Yes - make the lists the same.  The problem is that you have different underlying list column names.  Generally this happens when you create a list in one environment, adjust the names, and then use Excel or something to create the list in the other environments.

The way to make this smoother is to make your list, and when you are ready to go to other environments, you either make the columns the exact same way - or you export to excel and dump to the other environments INCLUDING The dev environment (as a new list).  Resync to the new list, and the other environments will adjust without warnings given.