Compiling SharePoint List Adapter for VS 2005

Apr 30, 2010 at 2:23 PM

I downloaded change set 40668 and I was successful compiling, installing, and using the compiled DLLs, using SQL Server 2008 and a Visual Studio 2008 SSIS project.

I cannot however get the SharePointListAdapters.dll to install in a VS 2005 SSIS project (in Choose items -> SSIS Data Flow Items the checkboxes for the adapters simply do not show up).  I've checked that the DLLs are in the GAC, and that the requisite DLLs are in the ..\DTS\PipelineComponents directory (same place as where the msi file for VS2005 puts them).  I've also used the gacutil to make sure the DLL for the SharePointListAdapter is installed.  Note that if I use the 2005 msi file, all goes as expected.

So three specific questions are:  1) can I open up the source code using VS 2005?  When I try I get an error message saying that *.vbproj and *.cspro are unreadable ("Unable to read the project file..."), 2) Should I create my own VS 2005 projects and import the source code files and then compile?, or 3) Is it even possible to compile and deploy using VS 2005 (and/or should VS 2008 somehow be used for both SSIS 2005 and SSIS 2008).

Thanks a lot.


May 3, 2010 at 3:15 PM

I was able to solve question #1 above via:  Still got compile errors though when I hit build using VS 2005. 

We're going to SQL Server 2008 in the next month or so, so we're dropping the VS 2005 effort, and will simply compile and develop on the VS 2008 and SS 2008 platforms.

Jun 2, 2010 at 10:07 PM

You cannot open the source code in VS2005.  They use VS2008 features which will not compile.

You can compile the code for SQL2005, but you need to check the namespaces at the top.  Compile that on a machine with sql2005 installed and you will have the DLLs you need to get it on sql2005.

I double-compile the code in VS2008 for both SQL2005/SQL2008.

Jun 14, 2010 at 10:41 PM


Worked great, thanks indeed for the overall direction. 

First of all my C# background is limited, but here's what I did to get it to work -- no doubt obvious to C# people, but maybe somebody in my shoes will come along again.

  • Compiled the SharePoint Utility VB project without any changes or incidents
  • Opened up the SharePoint List Adapter C# project in VS 2008, opened up Solution Explorer, right clicked on References and added one to the newly built SharePointUtility.dll.  I then replaced all the Microsoft.SqlServer... dll references from the 100\DTS directory to those in the 90\DTS directory (so from SS2008 to SS2005)
  • Opened up the SharePointListDestination.cs and SharePointListSource.cs and commented out the "using" references to the "100's" and uncommented the convenient references to the "90's"
  • Changed the project property associated with the Build -> Output Path to the 90\DTS file path
  • Closed the project and re-opened the project, and noticed that all the "are you mssing an assembly reference?" error messages went away
  • Compiled/build without incident
  • Upon opening up VS 2005 and starting an SSIS project, when I went to the Data Flow tab, opened up Toolbox, right clicked on the Data Flow Sources, I was then able to add the "SharePoint List Source"

Incidentally as to why the emphasis on source code compiling, I needed to do that to abide by security requirements since it is a CodePlex effort -- so the ability to present/use the actual readable code was critical for configuration board review purposes.

--Bob Harford

Jun 24, 2010 at 5:03 AM

Bob - Great!  That's how I do the cross compiling (part with the DLLs) for SQL 2005. Have you tried the components that are compiled for Sql2005? Maybe that's all you needed? SQL 2005 SharePoint Adapter would be the ones to use if you're using SSIS for Sql 2005 -- Originally you mentioned the source code in vs 2005, which is a different animal.