SP List -What is Possible?

Aug 25, 2009 at 2:19 PM

Good day all,

Playing with the adaptors, really hope that we can meet our goals, I am new to SSIS so I hope this is what is limiting our progress .

  1. SP list to SQL  - Have imported a full list to a new table in SQL - OK
    • Will the adaptor allow subsequent updates from the SP list to SQL, if so how?
  2. SQL table to List  - Have updated rows from SQL to SP list -OK
    • Cannot get inserts to work, 
    • Have a column in the SQL table named SPID which is mapped to the ID column on the SP list, for updates this works
    • When I add a record and leave SPID as null the insert into the SP list fails -' Error on row ID="5": 0x81020016 - List item referred to in the request does not exist'

Any help Please!



Sep 29, 2009 at 5:59 AM

The adapters do allow subsequent updates from the SP List, you can just run your dataflow and pull the rows down. You can use some CAML editors out there to make a CAML expression with a Date/Time if you'd like and make an incremental process for big lists, or just truncate / reload in sql.

2 - for your issue about adding, it looks as though you say it is null, but it says right there it has an item with an ID of 5, which it is not finding on SharePoint.  The IDs you provide from SQL MUST exist or else it will fail.  I often load from SP and SQL together and join them together before updating back to SP.  If the value is NULL, it should insert it as you'd expect.