New Beta - 10/12 -- With Lookup Decoding

Oct 12, 2011 at 9:34 PM

Thanks to some great first steps by leiyu, I've now included inherent choice / lookup field decoding if enabled for the source control.  That is available in beta. Here are the current features available to the beta component, faster I get feedback, faster it can be rolled to the mainline version.


- Allowing connection manager to be disabled for compat scenarios reported using sql 2005
- Fixing duplicated column names from SharePoint making them unique to reduce friction for setting up adapter.
- Fixed a connection close issue which may have occured when using Sharepoint List Views to filter the results of a list
- Added a property to retrieve the Hidden columns of a SharePoint List
- Found an issue with SharePointUtility deployment where the latest was not being deployed (Possible reason some did not see features posted since June)
- Added support for "DecodeLookupColumns".  Toggle it false and refresh to get the raw Lookup/Choice columns, toggle it true to have those columns removed and replaced with two new columns - one for the ID(s) and one for the Value(s).
   For Custom Choice columns, there will just be a value field (editable) which will be a newline separated list of string values (no ;# characters)
   For Lookup columns, there will be an ID field (editable) with a newlien separated list of values and a Value field (readonly).  Using other datasources, you can cross reference using CAML or whatever other data points to match IDs.
   Note, changing the editable field means that you must enter the number or value in it using a newline separated string for it to be processed on the update.  You cannot have both the Raw field and the Translated field in a dataflow.