SSIS Adapter for SharePoint 2016 List and Libraries

May 4, 2017 at 2:08 PM
One of the existing source SP 2010 site collection is configured with customization where a SSIS script pulls the source SharePoint list data from the client portal site(SharePoint 2010) and place into a SQL stage table. The extracted data is un-pivoted data, sorted by BuildingName and grouped by ComponentName resulting in a CSV formatted file.

This process required that SharePointListAdapterSetup (SharePointListAdapterSetup_x64) which I have downloaded from Codeplex and installed on production SharePoint 2010 server. The SSIS Adapters 2011 document downloaded from codeplex explains the technical details regarding Installation of SharePointListAdapterSetup_x64.

We are not getting any similar kind of SharePoint List Adapter for SharePoint 2016 onpremise environment. PLEASE SHARE LINK FOR SharePointListAdapterSetup_x64 MSI package FOR SHAREPOINT 2016. We need to upgrade our existing solution ASAP.