SiteListName wildcarding?

Nov 24, 2009 at 12:13 AM


I'm searching for a way to use your most excellent tool (SharePoint List Source/Destination) and pull all lists from a site collection based on a list type.

What I'm looking for would be very similar to the way one can use the content query web part in MOSS to quiry from all lists of a given list type.

I'm currently using Christophe's nicely documented KPI Rollup case study (there is a second part that you can find in the first) to roll up selected items from multiple lists into a KPI looking web part. That is really great as far as it goes, but my need now is to take it another step to represent averages of list items, rather than selected list items.

To that end I'm using the list source tool you have developed. I can now target discrete lists and export that data to SQL, from whence I can report averages quite nicely. It would be super if there was an elegant way to target all lists from a given site collection based on a list type.

Suggestions greatly appreciated!