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SharePoint List Adapter Changelog

1) Add support for SQL2016
2) Integrate the SharepointUtility.dll that do not have NTLM issue into the msi, so that customers don't need to manually GAC it
3) Add extension map file of SharepointListAdapter for SQL2014 and SQL2016
4) Add upgrade mapping file of SharepointListAdapter for SQL2012, SQL2014 and SQL2016
5) Fix an issue in SSIS on designer (SSDT2015) that when targeting SQL2012 or SQL2014, drag & drop a sharepoint list source or destination into designer will cause an exception

1) Add support for SQL2014
Thanks for your patience! A Beta is available for testing by the end users.

1) Optimized memory consumption during runtime (patch from dbennet84)
2) Fix for missing header property for ADFS (snippets from TechyGuy)
3) Fix for RemoveFiles to make it more robust (snippets from cpassuel)
4) Fix for race condition in columndata with multiple data flows (kmartin)
5) Fix for working in Claims environment (chadc)
Thank you to all of the contributors, who provided all of the fixes provided in this update! A Beta is available for testing by the end users.

1) Allowing connection manager to be disabled for compat scenarios reported using sql 2005
2) Fixing duplicated column names from SharePoint making them unique to reduce friction for setting up adapter.
3) Fixed a connection close issue which may have occured when using Sharepoint List Views to filter the results of a list
4) Added a property to retrieve the Hidden columns of a SharePoint List
5) Found an issue with SharePointUtility deployment where the latest was not being deployed (Possible reason some did not see features posted since June)
6) Added support for "DecodeLookupColumns". Toggle it false and refresh to get the raw Lookup/Choice columns, toggle it true to have those columns removed and replaced with two new columns - one for the ID(s) and one for the Value(s).
For Custom Choice columns, there will just be a value field (editable) which will be a newline separated list of string values (no ;# characters)
For Lookup columns, there will be an ID field (editable) with a newlien separated list of values and a Value field (readonly). Using other datasources, you can cross reference using CAML or whatever other data points to match IDs.
Note, changing the editable field means that you must enter the number or value in it using a newline separated string for it to be processed on the update. You cannot have both the Raw field and the Translated field in a dataflow.
THANK you to user leiyu who submitted a changeset with this functionality, to help initiate this new feature.

1) Updated installer to fix a problem to enable installing on a machine with SQL 2005 BIDS only (without Integration Services feature itself selected).

1) Expanded the OpenTimeout, CloseTimeout and SendTimeout in the WCF proxy to prevent some of the timeout issues reported.
2) Added support for using a Currency datatype when writing to SharePoint
3) Added ability for user to change External Field and Output Column to be a NTEXT for Choice Columns which are larger than default size.
4) Added mapping information to Documentation page for what datatypes are needed to get data into SharePoint.

8/4/2011 (Update for Deployment)
1) Fixed issue with prior installer, and also merged the SQL 2005/2008/Denali installers together. SQL will be auto-detected and found as needed.
2) BREAKING change to the code released on 8/3, I'm terribly sorry - please revert to your packages from before 8/3 release and use the 8/4 moving forward.

8/3/2011 (Moving Beta code to Release)
1) Replaced the Windows Installer, please report any issues. The target path will now attempt to be detected, to reduce installation errors.
2) An installer has been added compiled against SQL Server Denali CTP3, for those who are on the bleeding edge.
3) Deployment Solution used to cross-compile all versions has been added to source control.

6/6/2010 (BETA)
1) Added a beta version which includes a connection manager (Add a connection manager -> New Connection Manager -> Type=SPCRED). This will be required for all source/destination components, but once you create it, it can be shared.
2) Fixed issue with the Friendlynames for columns not coming through.

1) Prior binaries are marked as such "Prior*" from the 3/18/2009 drop.
2) Added a deployment diagram
3) Patched some outstanding issues:
#12023: Changed Recursive parameter to RecursiveAll to allow traversing folders
#10018: Added condition for booleans in destination adapter
#9764, #12013: Added a T in the middle of the ToString("u") date to replace the space.
(internal): Increased Timeouts of WCF Proxies
4) Exposed the Attachment URL for list items
5) Added Credential support to SharePointUtility (not in Adapters yet, but uses the SharePointUtility).

1) Hotfix update.

1) Fixed support for multi-line text to be retrieved from SharePoint as NTEXT (there was a bug in previous attempt at this)
2) Added ability for user to rename source/destination columns and have the names remain even after refreshing the sharepoint list from the source (to pull in new columns or something)
3) Updated it so that numeric values from SharePoint will come into SSIS as null if they are null, vs being translated to a 0
4) This release will fix an issue with prior release's version # making it a breaking change for SSIS Packages

1) Support wide lists with lots of data in a column.
2) Support multi-row text columns up to 2 bil chars
3) Added Culture to allow proper formatting of numbers/dates on external systems in different languages
4) Changed validation so that if a column is ADDED to sharepoint, it sharepoint, it will not cause a validation error, only if a needed column is removed (helps with lists where people are adjusting them after you sync a process to them)
5) Fixed bug in datatyping where the data was being written using the wrong datatype (R8 Issue)

Also - The SharePointUtility.DLL has been added as a separate download to facilitate using it to access SharePoint Lists API without requiring

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